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Our Services

Taobao auction

Longterm uses the Taobao platform to auction international real-estate.Tao bao has become China’s biggest online auction platform.

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Property listing services

Find reliable listing information for residential homes, commercial properties, and land listings. We provide a simple and efficent method of finding properties, open houses, home and vacation rentals, information, real estate agents and related resources

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Sub-agent network build up

Longterm uses its extensive sub-agent network across China to sell international real estate

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Comprehensive online promotion

Our online promotion services consist of targeted online advertising and creative campaigns.

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Translation, graphic design and printing of marketing materials

Long-term enables our partners to communicate to the global market place faster and more effectively by offering inhouse translation and localisation services

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Arranging of corporate seminars &Exhibitions services

This is for those who want to sell their real estate quickly. We will help you do the invitation services on our huge database.

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Organization of crowd funding for real estate investments

Longterm is a pioneer in facilitating crowdfunding from China. We tailor financing solutions to your projects

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Realtor training&business center

We provide online and offline training to realtors when possible to help them to update listings

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Longterm Channel

Seasonal Magazine

AS the most professional and recognized portal media platform , we have been releasing our Longterm overseas property magazine seasonally since 2004. Readers are all Chinese based investors,immigrants or potential buyers .Our seasonal magazines will be distributed to high-end people’s hands in locations like golf clubs ,cigar clubs , sportscar clubs ,chambers of commerce ,real estate exhibitions etc.Basically , more than 10,000 copies will be released every 3 months,and those copies will be handed to high-end people’s hands on time.

Real estate tips

Whether you are an agent or you are a broker, or you are the a tycoon in this real estate field, you are never too good not to learn any more. Here we are sharing real estate tips focused in investing in commercial real estate, residential properties investing, tourism properties investing,how to sell quickly and efficiently etc. Be a know-it-all master in real estate business , learn and share these real estate tips.

Latest industry news

Real estate business are great influenced by many factors. Here you can get the latest industry news weekly and analysis by famous economist and brokers etc.Check what is happening around the globe.

Coming up exhibitions and seminars

Real estate exhibitions is super important in this business and you don’t want to miss any one of them. Here you can preview all the real estate related information that is going to be held in the world,be it :overseas real estate investing exhibitions , overseas property investment and immigration real estate exhibition ...You can take a quick view of all the exhibitions held in everywhere in advance. Plus , any seminars that is being held here and there will be presented here for you in advance , don’t miss it .